Saturday, 1 October 2016

not linear

my days start with one feeling and end in another. i'm scared. i'm excited. and i'm hurting and sometimes i feel like i'm always being held by the past and other times i'm outside of my head and i can see. this is how it's meant to be. it's better this way. life's good. i don't know how i'm supposed to live.

my whole life i've always wanted to be everything simultaneously. i didn't want to have to give up one identity for another.

i live alone now. my room is always messy. i'm in a constant state of confusion.

anxious of commitment. scared to be loved (even though i really want to be loved).
         some tunes:                                                                     



  1. i looooove solange's new album and cigarettes after sex are amazing!! i've been feeling quite similar too and i loved the little tweet. it kind of brings you back into perspective. everything's going to be okay!!!

  2. A Seat at the Table is such a blessing omg. I totally get that crappy, confused anxious feeling that sometimes comes and goes. For a while I've been so obsessed with seeking validation from others and having this feeling of always wanting to be looked at and loved by other ppl and it sucks. I've been meaning to listen to Wet for so long but i never got round to it! hope things get better! x x