Monday, 12 August 2013

july recap

mean girls of course

Cocorosie ig vid I took
Youth lagoon
HBO Girls

Happy to be off from school but my July days were slightly unfulfilled perhaps, seems scary to think it's already August. I'm closer to going back to school than I was from breaking up from school. I went to some amazing concerts in July though; Cocorosie (new obsession and p.s. I touched Sierra Casady's hand!!) who co-headlined with the wonderful Youth Lagoon, an artist I discovered last year who's song '17' was my anthem of when I was in the mountains of Switzerland in this idyllic chalet during February this year. I also saw Lianne La Havas, at Somerset House, who has the most beautiful voice and lyrics and is also a style goddess - when she sang 'Gone', I almost cried because of the truthful words and chilling voice which was even better live than on CD. Finally I went to see Frank Ocean, though a short concert, it did not cease to disappoint. He played a few new songs, my favourite being 'Wiseman' whose lyrics speak volumes.

On another note, I watched so many tv shows and movies in July. Was obsessed with the HBO tv show 'Girls' and binged watched season 1-2 in less than a week. It is my new favourite and am in love with all the characters. I really enjoyed Skins season 7 more than I thought I would, especially Skins Pure. I've missed Cassie and she hadn't really changed. It was really nicely made and the instrumental by Segal was so nice (see video above for the Mini Mix).

Off to Korea and Hong Kong now, will probably blog once when I'm abroad but will hopefully return with some pictures to post later. I'm excited. Might change the format of this blog and possibly the url and header, I change my mind a lot.


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