Friday, 2 December 2016

something in the way

"I’m like the flower in the road that nobody noticed blooming. I like that about myself. I never needed permission to blossom and I never was in a rush to prove myself “worthy” to the general public. Instead, I grew step by step, understanding that timing is essential. To those looking on the surface, determined on viewing me in a certain way, I was up to nothing, but in the heart of my soul, I was up to everything. Digging up old wounds and healing. Determining who I was outside of the opinions of others. Consciously, I’ve been on my spiritual journey for over 3 years now, and it is now, that the general public is taking notice. Understand that all things happen on their own accord and at the right time. For a while, people thought they were looking at a stagnant stem. I knew otherwise."
- Brittany Josephina

photo i took in hong kong


I've been following or escaping this shitty template of love

And I keep lying to myself in order to find the truth

I keep finding more hurt people
Hurt people hurt people
I'm hurting

I give a fuck but also who gives a fuck if I have a happy energy
I am the saddest little girl in the world
So is everyone else


I don't know how to hold my feelings
I keep letting them go (un)intentionally


I need softness
When I have softness
I don't know how to be


I'm so scared of regressing/going back I can't stop i can't ever stop anymore

I feel like I don't decide anything in my life but of course that's not true

Pain is not my default
Sad is not my default
So why does it feel like pain keeps replacing pain


Figure out what you need for things to be softer
(If softness is too much right now) (If hardness is hurting)

Find the sounds that fit
Find the people that meet you at where you are


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