Sunday, 7 September 2014

lily pads and lamentation

above are some photos i took in shanghai. it was raining and there was a forest and a lake filled with lily pads and people shuffling around with their umbrellas.

i've started 6th form now which feels really different and liberating but with a lot more responsibility and hella more work. been listening to a lot of pop music this week and been doing a lot of online shopping on korean clothing sites. i'm learning to ride a bike atm (super late to the cycling party i know). need to get stationary for school and be organized. i'll probably go shopping at muji for that sometime this week. also trying to turn some of my non-finished poems into songs but i'm bad at melodies. my friend katie and i were gonna form a 2 man band called 'breakfast food' (name kinda inspired by parks and rec) but so far its gone nowhere. neither have our short film plans... i should follow through with those. i have so many ideas and projects happening soon/right now so i'm pretty excited for this school new yr. i hope it doesn't go to fast. only just hit me that i have 2yrs left before uni. don't know what i want 2 be. i want to be everything, i guess.


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