Thursday, 12 June 2014

a feeling

i didn't get invited to my friends party. i didn't get the guy i liked. my friends 'don't understand me'. i feel like regressing. i miss my old therapist. this dress doesn't fit me anymore. i am not going to get the grades that are expected of me. i'm bad at the things i am supposed to be good at. i am not original nor feeling creative. my writing has turned to shit. the words don't flow out of me anymore. they say i'll forget all of this when i'm older and that these problems aren't actually problems. but right now everything matters. its all happening and its all very real. she doesn't like you. he doesn't like you. you can't be understood. you can't lose weight right your old therapist is in another country. maybe she thinks about you. maybe she doesn't. she probably doesn't. the grades make your future. you didnt put in the hard work. your art is boring. be something new. be different. be cool. dont be embarrassing. dont publish this blog post. stop giving a shit. don't be high maintenance. you're obsessive and that's bad. at least you're interested in something. don't listen to anyone. but don't listen to that mind of yours either. don't listen don't think don't be

deleting this

is it really wrong to care???

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