Sunday, 18 May 2014

green feels

having lots of nature vibes. probably because i've been inside a lot recently revising for my exams (super scary/real/feels important for my future). cant wait to be free from them which will be in exactly a months time. i have so many things i want to do in summer. really excited for lana del rey's new album ultraviolence too. i want to pre-order the deluxe box set for it but its £40 nd im rly poor :( i'm seriously slacking on creativity atm. haven't done a lot of writing, reading, art or photog... which is really bad and i plan to catch up on it during half term/summer and post em. i want more plants in my room/wanna redecorate the whole of my room and paint my walls in pastels. 

also i got netflix recently and its so addictive! do you guys have any good movie suggestions for me???

love, xx


  1. I've been feeling the whole nature thing lately too. It gives off such serene at-one-with-the-universe vibe, it also makes me feel so much more creative. I'm super excited for lana's album too! If you do redecorate your room, I'd loooove to see pictures and stuff!