Wednesday, 7 January 2015


haven't posted in a while. spent xmas + new yrs in italy which was a really nice vacay. i have a lot to say, a lot of thoughts, a lot of things i want to talk about but need to find the right way to formulate these words. i also have 2 rolls of film to develop and will post some when i have enough $ for developing. currently taking my mocks, got my last two tomorrow (both maths ugh). in the meantime i still regularly post on instagram @zszophia and somehow wormed my way into posting all orange themed pictures due to a sudden wave of orange inspiration every where (see side bar of blog). idk how long this is gonna last. i have pics i wanna post but don't want to break the theme arghhh!! anyway happy new year, hope jan will be a gd month for y'all :-) XXXX 

here are some pictures i'm feeling right now. (snowy winter days then pinkish feels then more vibrant colors/nature basically)

st vincent shot by petra collins
sandy kim by marcel castenmiller i think
frm tumblr 

jeff koons amazing oil painting
petra collins + ryan mcginley aka my faves

glass on airplane by william eggleston 

outtake from a lana photoshoot i just love the colors

whitney hubbs


  1. LOVE the orange theme, it looks really cool and cohesive. also, wow @ that jeff koons painting.

    // kani

  2. I have nominated you for the liebster award! x