Tuesday, 15 October 2013


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cutest/prettiest/yet still cool gif ever maybe?
want to go to dicorcia's exhbition east of eden sometime soon
Saw CocoRosie again on 30th Sept at Oval Space (some warehouse type place near shoreditch?!)! This time was better because I knew their songs properly and it was really beautiful and inspiring. Gravediggress was my favourite (AND OF COURSE WEREWOLF). I've realized that now 2 out of the 5 or 6 posts I've written on here has had CocoRosie in it oh well. Their lyrics are so interesting (Bianca's a poet soo...) and have so much depth and their melodies are enchanting. Wrote my english coursework about their concert - classic me ("Sophia you need to stop saying classic" says everyone I know). V art themed post probably because I've been doing a lot of painting and art coursework. For half term I plan to do even more. I should get my disposables from summer developed and some 120 film from last easter developed too oops. Will do that and get em all posted in a week or two. Will post some photos I've taken for art/other people/own pleasure. I tend to always blog when I have a test the next day. Tomorrow's biology test CANT WAIT.


P.S. Am I the only one who was disappointed with Bangerz (Miley's new album) after all the hype with her singles which I admit were pretty good and catchy?

P.P.S. want to do some photography of strangers on the street (sort of like Humans of New York kind of stuff) but just for fun. Seems scary. We'll see.

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